Gaia Green Bone Meal 2kg


Gaia Green BONE MEAL 2-11-0

Bone Meal contains nearly 3% nitrogen, 22% total phosphate, and 30% lime in a compound called phosphate of lime. As such, it is the finest form of phosphate fertilizer and a premium biological stimulant for garden and nursery use. Bone Meal will act as a lime, raising the pH of the soil. We recommend the efficient and economic use of Bone Meal beneath garden rows and transplants to supply the immediate root zones, particularly in acid soil. Bone Meal is used widely in the planting hole when setting out bulbs and to coat the cut surfaces of seed potatoes.


Vegetable & Flower Gardens:
1-2.5kg /10 m² (2-5 lbs. /100 ft².)

850kg /ha (750lbs. /acre)


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